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              LOTS develops and produces all necessary software and hardware technology for high quality machine vision lights

              LOTS is an agent selling a series of world brand machine vision accessories

              MOREIndustrial Camera
              Daheng Camera (China)The Imaging Source Camera (Germany)AVT Camera (Germany)DALSA Camera (Canada)ARTRAY Camera (Japan)
              MOREIndustrial Lens
              FIM LensComputar LensRicoh lensVST LensFujinon Lens
              MOREFilter/ Polarizer
              MOREMachine Vision Accessories
              Lens Extended Ring1394 Collecting CardDiffuse Reflection Plate
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              About LOTS (Lighting & Optics Tech Specialist)

              Since 2000, labor costs have increased rapidly in China, which led to the rapid development of the automation industry, including machine vision industry. Due to the limitations of technology and cost, many factories are unable to carry out industrial upgrading.

              Technology of precise visual testing services, requires not only the excellent software and hardware technology, but also requires precise polishing film. Therefore, for the machine vision service providers, high quality machine vision light source can help them solve many problems of ordinary light source, but it is difficult to find a suitable light source.